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Spa Facilities and Treatments

St. Lucia is a beautiful island, with an abundance of things to see and do in the tropical surroundings. After a full day of activities and sightseeing or simply enjoying the nightlife, why not indulge in one of the signature Innerglo spa treatments.

Part of the Oceanview hotel, formerly Glencastle Resort, we are conveniently located near Rodney Bay on the north-east of the island. Our staff will be more than happy to take care of you, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to explore St. Lucia all over again.

Available Spa Treatments

Full Body Massages
Whether you just want to ease tired muscles, calm the mind, relieve muscle fatigue or promote healthier circulation, there is a massage to cater to you.

Body Wraps & Scrubs
Revitalise your skin with a body exfoliation, wrap or both. This set of exotic treatments detoxifies the body, leaving behind silky smooth, vibrant and flawless skin.

Your face is subject to all elements and impurities from the sun, smoking, cold and dust to name but a few. Our facials will deeply cleanse the skin, increase circulation and even helps prevent wrinkles and stop premature ageing.

A combination of carefully selected essential oils from our collection is blended to provide hydration and nourishment for your skin, soothing pain while relieving tension and stress.

Hand & foot Rituals
Special blended oils will be applied to your hands and feet, leaving them feeling wonderfully soft and supple, relaxing your entire body.

Manicures & Pedicures
Brighten your hands and feet and leave them looking youthful with our manicure and pedicure treatments, including acrylic nails and blissful polishing.

For more information about our spa treatments at the Oceanview hotel in St. Lucia, please fill in an enquiry form, or call us on +1 758 478 8976 to schedule an appointment.

Oceanview Hotel
Oceanview Hotel
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