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Relaxing Massages in St Lucia

Whether you just want to ease tired muscles, calm the mind, relieve muscle fatigue or promote healthier circulation, we have a massage treatment to cater to you.

Here at the Oceanview Hotel we offer a range of spa treatments to help our guests relax and rejuvenate during their holiday in St Lucia. Details of the unique massage treatments available at the Oceanview Hotel and Spa in Rodney Bay are listed below. Our massage therapy treatments range from traditional Swedish massage, to muscle attentive deep tissue massage, and specially designed pregnancy massage treatments.

To book your massage therapy treatment please contact the hotel on 1 758 487 8976. Or you can visit us at the Oceanview Hotel and Spa, Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia.

Body Massage Therapy Treatments

Swedish Massage
This traditional technique combines a variety of classic movements to provide the client with calming stress relief. This massage uses light strokes to release tension in the muscles and energise the whole body. It will improve blood circulation and enhance the level of physical performance. 60 minutes - $75.00 75 minutes - $95.00 90 minutes - $110.00

Aromatherapy Massage
A combination of carefully selected essential oils from our collection is blended to provide hydration and nourishment for your skin. The aromatic essence will soothe any pains and calm your nerves, relieving tension and stress. The healing powers of aromatherapy plant and flower essences promote relaxation and well-being. 60 minutes - $80.00 75 minutes - $100.00 90 minutes - $120.00

Deep Tissue Massage
This unique type of massage employs hard-pressure strokes designed to work not only with your muscles, but also to reach the fascia and connective tissue. It is perfect for those who require specific attention to certain muscles and joints. 60 minutes -$90.00 75 minutes - $110.00 90 minutes -$130.00

Pregnancy Massage
This pregnancy massage is carefully designed to release tension, improve circulation and relax and support your entire body, while focusing on the legs. Your therapist who has been specifically trained to use safe techniques for pregnancy massage will apply special oils to reduce muscle tension. 60 minutes - $90.00 75 minutes - $110.00 90 minutes -$130.00

Hot Stone massage
This wonderful technique concentrates on the application of heated smooth stones soaked in warm oils to specific points on your back. Long flowing strokes are applied to ensure deep muscle relief and a perfect sense of calm and balance. This massage is designed to penetrate tense muscle and realign the body's inner core. 60 minutes - $95.00 75 minutes - $115.00 90 minutes - $140.00

Triple Treat Massage
This relaxing massage therapy treatment specifically focuses on the areas of the back, shoulders, and neck. Our practitioner will use a variety of different techniques in order to relieve stress and muscle tension.
30 minutes - $60.00

Mind-Clearing Scalp Massage
This unique type of massage treatment concentrates on the head. The practitioner will use their fingers to apply medium-to-firm pressure to specific points on your scalp and face to improve circulation and relieve headaches and everyday stress. 15 minutes - $30.00

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